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Fuzhou Medical Instruments Enterprises Exported To Egypt For The First Time

CANGAS Systems Company Limited | Updated: Mar 07, 2015

In January 4th, the first batch of Fuzhou medical equipment exported to egypt. The number of medical equipment for the 380000 catheter, the value of $104600, is the May 1, 2009 Shuai products preshipment inspection work, the first batch of inspection and Quarantine Bureau of Fuzhou area inspection export Shuai medical devices. Fuzhou inspection and Quarantine Bureau early intervention, active communication with production units, strengthen the policy advocacy, enable enterprises to understand the pre shipment inspection of export Egypt policies and regulations and procedures, and urge enterprises to establish the awareness of product quality responsibility, strengthen the sense of corporate responsibility; timely understanding of the goods production and order arrangement, closely follow the trend of export goods, guide enterprises to strictly according to the trade contract and the relevant product quality standards of production; timely remind the enterprise to strengthen the screening of the contract review and customer, especially concerned about the quality of the terms and the terms of payment, reduce the risk of trade.

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Tel: +86-10-63338130

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Address: B516, GID International Center, 27 Nanbinhe Road, Xicheng District,Beijing, China 100055.

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