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Factory: Shidai Road East, Gu'an Industrial Zone, Langfang City, Hebei Provice.

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Mobile Oxygen Generator Factory

Mobile Oxygen Generator Factory

CANGAS ®  specialized mobile oxygen generator is able to make gaseous oxygen with purity from 90% to 98% at dew point to -50°C with flow rate up to 50 Nm 3...

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CANGAS® specialized mobile oxygen generator is able to make gaseous oxygen with purity from 90% to 98% at dew point

to -50°C with flow rate up to 50 Nm3/h. Users can make oxygen on actual demand from dry compressed air directly with low

running cost. CANGAS® PSA mobile oxygen generator offers a more economical, more reliable and more convenient oxygen

gas solutions than oxygen gas cylinders and bulk nitrogen. Trailer-mounted design gives great productionefficiency for different

users from various industries.


More reliable
* Over 20 years’ manufacturing & engineering experience on mobile oxygen generator and air separation field.

* Time-proven design as well as professional on-site mobile oxygen generator systems.

More economical
* REFLUX composition control system reduces air consumption capacity, saves energy cost.
* Patented Energy Efficiency System (EES) enables CANGAS mobile oxygen generator systems to make product oxygen

   gases based on actual demand. 

More convenient
* CANBUS touch screen central monitoring and control system enables parameters of capacity, purity, and pressure of

   product oxygen gas online displayed, gives running problem alarm, and reminds of maintenance. 

* Turn-key design gives easy operating.
* Trailer-mounted design, easy installation and relocating, which all greatly improve field productivity.

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Established in 1998, CAN GAS SYSTMES COMPANY LIMITED, a reputable manufacturer of on-site nitrogen and oxygen plants and kinds of gases systems, has a production and R&D center with an area of 28,000 square meters, and passed ISO9001 quality management certification, BV certification and CE certification.


Tel: +86-10-63338130

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Address: B516, GID International Center, 27 Nanbinhe Road, Xicheng District,Beijing, China 100055.

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